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What is Eneco Holdings?

Two directives working toward providing a better world future, for the people and for the planet.
Energy is essential for people's lives.
With our global vision of "developing environmentally friendly energy",
we will deal with world environmental challenges, partnering with and enriching people's lives.

Fuel business

Our most advanced technology using "Eneco PLASMA FUSION", is the "complete fusion" of water and oil evolving this conventional "mixing" technology. We are the first in the world to have developed the next-generation fuel with a mixing ratio of 50% water with any type of oil.
We strive to refine environmentally friendly and safe next generation fuel.

Gas business

Through the use of our next generation eco gas equipment, we have succeeded in developing the "Eneco PLASMA R Hydrogen GAS" an alternative to ordinary natural and LP gases, "Eneco Gas". It can reduce the cost by about 50% compared to conventional gases, and it achieves significant reduction of environmental burdens.

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