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Message & Philosophy

The managerial philosophy of Eneco Holdings.

For each person, for the earth

  • We are aware of current environment and contribute to the environmental conservation for a better future.
  • We support a better and healthier life for the people in the world.
  • We solve the global energy shortage by purifying environmentally-friendly fuel and gas.

The Eneco Holodings code of conduct.

Focus on the world, with a heart of hospitality.

  • Always treat individuals around us with care while engaging in a global scale business.
  • As a global company, act on creation of a comfortable future for everyone based on equality of all races.
  • Act with integrity and great responsibility as a Japanese company with factories and laboratories located at the base of Mt. Fuji, Japan, a world heritage site, and always maintaining a mind-set of hospitality.

President & CEO


For a better earth to live, for a sustainable future

With our concept of "For a better earth to live, for a sustainable future", Eneco Holdings wishes to impart to the world our most advanced technology and to contribute to the environmental conservation and the prevention of global warming. Global warming has become a global issue. Emission of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) as the result of energy use and industrial activities is considered its cause.

Energy resources have been continually shifting from charcoal to coal, coal to petroleum, petroleum to natural gas. Due to the shift of energy resource, the world economy has developed rapidly. However, it is an undeniable fact that greenhouse gas emissions have been increasing in proportion to economic development and has been causing the progression of global warming. If the global warming continues to progress, not only will the temperature of the earth rise, but water shortage, food shortage, air pollution and disasters caused by abnormal weather will happen and it will adversely impact on the entire ecosystem.

We must take global warming seriously and respond to improve it across the world for our future. Eneco Holdings' new technology is useable without changing customers' facilities and enables reduced emission of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) by 50% or more while decreasing cost dramatically. We have succeeded in developing the world's most advanced technology, ''Hydrogen Fuel Refining Technology" and "Gas Purification Technology".

By sharing the new energy (fuel and the new gas) refined by these technologies with the world and passing it to the next generation as an environmentally friendly energy, we believe that we can achieve "a better place to live, a sustainable future".

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