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Stock Listing Policy on the Singapore Exchange Decided

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Eneco Holdings has decided the stock listing policy on the Singapore Exchange and signed a contract/contracts with a major stock company/ major stock companies in Singapore.


Published news release (English)

Eneco Holdings, Inc. starts selling Japan’s first new energy Eneco Holdings, Inc starts selling Japan’s first new energy plant in the world market.

Eneco Holdings, Inc. (President Yasuhiro Yamamoto, headquartered in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo) has announced they will begin selling light oil generators and gas generating plants based on their original emulsion technology (a technique that mixes oil and water) and gas generation technology (a technique that generates gas from water) on the Asian and European markets. In addition, the company has signed a contract with leading stock securities company to begin preparation for an IPO in Singapore.

Eneco Holdings Inc: Since its founding in 2012, they have made consistent efforts in the research and development of water and light oil blending technology succeeding in the development of a light oil generating device with 50% water content. Orders have already been received from companies in China and Southeast Asia for the manufacturing of emulsion light oil generating devices and manufacturing is underway with shipping scheduled for September this year. In Europe, a contract has been signed with a Spanish firm making it the exclusive European agent and a demo unit will begin shipping to Europe within the year.

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