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Forum for the International Environment of the Commonearth

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Some of the key topics of discussion at the G7 Japan 2016 Ise-Shima summit meeting included post-COP 21 climate change, energy and resource efficiency, development aimed at SDGs (sustainable development goals), investment in high quality infrastructure, international health, and social capital.
At the summit, it was discussed how to invest in, use, and apply parks and public open spaces as places for finding specific and accessible solutions to these challenges, with citizens, young pioneers and leaders in industry, academia, and the government engaging in cross-sectional and international cooperation, and as completely new and high quality green infrastructure Commonearth Parks to support the improvement of energy efficiency on the planet as well as tourism and local industry, improve the environment and create healthy bodies and minds, and strengthen community ties and protect communities from disasters. What the leaders of the G7 and other nations as well as the international community and international organiatiosn such as the UN came to propose is the Mt. Fuji Forum for the Environment of the Commonearth.

 ・Date and time : August 28, 2016 (Sun.) 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
 ・Location : Eneco Holdings, 1648 Araya, Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi
 ・Participants : Elementary and junior high school students, young leaders in industry, the government, academia, and private citizens from the area and around the country, as well as approximately 100 others
 ・Organizer : Commonearth Park International Community Contact and Conference Preparation Committee
 ・Opening address: Eneco Holdings Executive Vice-President Representative from the UNISDR Japan Office

Session 1: Mt. Fuji Commonearth Park, the health of the Earth and people, and energy and resource efficiency

The declaration made by the leaders at the G7 Japan 2016 Ise-Shima summit meeting concerning the health of the planet, climate change, energy, and the environment made a commitment to the implementation of the COP 21 Paris Agreement in an efficient and transparent manner, sustained support for investment in high quality infrastructure and upstream development, and investment in clean and energy efficient products and facilities.
At the Mt. Fuji Forum for the Environment of the Commonearth, topics will be again debated such as Mt. Fuji as a Commonearth Park water resources which support the planet and the health and safety of people; historical and sports resources such as mountain climbing and vehicles; the role of exercise; climate change; disaster prevention and reduction; public health; fighting against communicable disease; pandemics; and illnesses of the body and mind; water and greenery; and biodiversity. New topics will also be discussed such as specific policies for contributing to the health and life of the planet and people through high quality social and green infrastructure which will resolve social, environmental, and international challenges, community bonds which implement the globally shared challenges of the SDGs (sustainable development goals) which can make human lifestyles sustainable, energy efficiency, global research and development, technological innovation, international startups and investment, research and investigation into challenges, education, and the importance of international human resources.

Session 2: Join declaration on Commonearth Parks and global parks taken on by young leaders

The declaration made by world leaders at the G7 Japan 2016 Ise-Shima summit meeting concerning investment in high quality infrastructure which will support the planet and human health, life, and lifestyles made a commitment to encouraging stakeholders to likewise invest in and support these matters. Commonearth Parks are a new form of social capital in which all participants will create together one step at a time and continually give to the world concrete contributive measures under the following goals:

I. Making society and everyone healthy
II. Making the planet healthy and creating a completely new environment
III. Creating a completely new lifestyle that is peaceful and safe

The young leaders who are the core of this initiative will meet at the foot of Mt. Fuji, a symbol for a prosperous and beautiful society and nature; and discuss together with friends, adults and children, their families, and adults from the region whether and to what extent the innovative ideas of the gold, silver, and bonze prizes for the Summer 2016 Mt. Fuji-CePiC Competition and prizes from the embassies of various countries can be implemented in concrete ways. They will also create a three component “Global Parks Declaration” as a summary of everyone’s innovative ideas and as an attempt at trial and error as to whether contributions can be made to the SDGs. The medalists in the Mt.Fuji-CePiC Competition and applicants with outstanding interest and drive will sign in English and Japanese. The gold medalists and even more ambitious applicants will serve as young leader representatives of G7 summit host nation Japan this year and next to present, debate, and implement the declaration with world leaders in industry,
government, and academia such as the new secretary general of the United Nations. In addition, in order to increase the possibility of world industry, academic, and government leaders such as international organizations like the UN and G7 governments implementing the ideas and dreams of the young leader medalists and applicants, CePiC advise participants, particularly winning pieces from Group 1 of the junior high school and under students and participants and winners from Group 2 of the high school and older set. CePic will also provide scientific evidence and coordinate with them to provide an opportunity to increase the quality of their works to a world class level. The ideas and dreams, now of a higher quality and ability to be implemented, will be given the opportunity to be presented to the UN, other organizations, government embassies, universities, schools, offices, and publicized such as through websites.

Key note speeches and panel discussion participants

・Open City Institute director and former World Bank vice president
・Open City Institute joint representatives
・Former Inter-American Development BANK SFO
・Vietnam embassy
・Ministry of Economy、Trade and Industry
・Financial Services Agency
・Ministry of Finance
・Consumer Affairs Agency
・Kyoto University of Art and Design professor
・Egyptian archeologist
・Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings
Other prominent figures

◇Organizers: Commonearth Park International Community Contact and Conference Preparation Committee, OPIC
(CePiC, Commonearth Park international Community, Commonearth Parks International Community)

Eneco Holdings, Inc.

Ask for Your/Youth Reason; A4YR; Aristotle’s Four Elements’ Simulation Systems, Canvas Co., Ltd.;
Community Counseling Youth Terrace; CCS; Open City Institute; YK Global Impact LLC; JIGH;
R2 Entertainment, Kodomo Daigaku; participating industry, government, academic, and citizen organizations
For details, see

Official press release for global media
August 27, 2016 Press Release Japan
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