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[World’s Best Performance]The First in the World! Presentation of Hydrogen Fuel (Hybrid HHO Gas) Generation Technology with Zero CO2 Emission

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[Development of Innovative Technologies That Do Not Impact the Global Environment]
Despite its small land area, Japan produces the fifth largest CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission in the world next after China, the United States, India, and Russia.

At the G20 Osaka Summit that will be hosted in Japan for the first time from June 28, it is noted that Japan can demonstrate its leadership for countries around the world in addressing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and environmental issues.

In such a situation, we are communicating to mass media inside and outside Japan that our company is now able to generate a large amount of hydrogen fuel (hybrid HHO gas) from water that does not generate any CO2 (carbon dioxide) at all. This world's first innovative technology does not cause any impact on the global environment from the beginning to the end of the process.

The World's Highest-Performance Technology of Hydrogen Fuel Generation - Presentation for the Local and International Press

Overview: Eneco Holdings, Inc.
The world's highest-performance technology of hydrogen fuel generation - Presentation for the local and international press
Date and time: Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 10:30-11:30 (gate opens at 10:00)
Place: Grand Ballroom of Grand Hyatt Tokyo (Roppongi)
Presenters: Yasuhiro Yamamoto, President and Representative Director of Eneco Holdings, Inc.
Shin-ichi Sugiura (Doctor of Medical Science), Professor of the Education and Research Center of Clinical Pharmaceutical Science, Faculty of Pharmacy, Doshisha Women's University
Takeshi Konishi, Deputy Editor of Sotokoto
Mr. Henry Heng, CEO of Eneco Refresh Limited (a company listed on Australian Stock Exchange)
Mr. Colin Moran, Group Director of Eneco Energy Limited (a company listed on Singapore Exchange Limited)
Mr. Lee Man Bun, Chairman of China Fund Capital Management Limited
Mr. Somang Khurulat, CEO of DNM Corporation Public Company (Laos petroleum company)

June 25, 2019 "Toward the Realization of a Co2 Emission-Free Society" Presentation Video

Prof. Sugiura's Presentation on "Verification Results of Generated Hydrogen (Eneco's hybrid HHO gas)"

The results of verification by Prof. Sugiura of Doshisha Women's University, Eneco's hybrid HHO gas has a higher hydrogen concentration than hydrogen gas that is said to JIS grade 3. 

Success in developing the ultimate clean energy "Eneco's hybrid HHO gas"


Eneco's Hybrid HHO Gas, which was developed by our company, is a special gas in the form of a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen that uses hydrogen energy. Eneco's hybrid HHO gas can be used as an alternative energy source to replace fossil fuels (heavy oil, kerosene, light oil, BDF, etc.) and conventional gases (natural gas, LP gas, propane gas, shale gas, etc.) Also, as the main characteristic, by taking out hydrogen from water and convert it back to water at the end, all the processes from the generation to the utilization of the gas do not emit any carbon dioxide (zero CO2 emission), making it popular as an energy source that is friendly to the global environment.

Future Trends in Energy and Hydrogen

Hydrogen will become the main clean energy source of the future.


Although hydrogen is an infinite source of energy and is changed to water when it is used with oxygen, which is harmless and does not emit CO2 (carbon dioxide) or sulfur, the production stage of hydrogen is difficult to achieve.
On earth, hydrogen is not present as a single element. Most of the hydrogen produced globally is extracted from fossil fuels and emits a large amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and sulfur. In other words, the following is the present situation of this matter.

[Use of Fossil Fuels] → [Large Excess Amounts of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and Sulfur to Generate Hydrogen] → [Does Not Lead to the Reduction of Environmental Impact]

In the future, the development of a manufacturing method that can supply hydrogen safely, cheaper, and the ability to stably produce the gas with minimal environmental impacts is the primary key for it.

About Hydrogen Production Method

Because hydrogen usually combines with other elements on earth, it can be separated through a chemical reaction. The following are the typical hydrogen production methods.

1.Water electrolysis
2.Splitting carbon-containing compounds, such as fossil fuel, natural gas, city gas, LPG, and others
3.Manufactured from biomass (wood, resources, waste materials)
4.Collection of gases generated as the by-products from factories, such as steel plants
5.Conversion of renewable energy sources (such as sunlight)

[Comparison of the Manufacturing Methods]

In terms of cost and environmental impact, electrolysis is the best method in this table.

Two Representative Methods Based on Water Electrolysis

1.Water electrolysis method = pure hydrogen: oxygen
2.Dry-cell electrolysis method = HHO when a mixed gas with a 2:1 ratio of hydrogen and oxygen
*However, the HHO name is still used even when the ratio of oxygen is 1 and the ratio of hydrogen is higher than 2.

The gas can be generated by water electrolysis, in which the electrical current splits the water molecules as follows.

Eneco's Hybrid HHO Gas is a technology that evolves the reaction artificially by applying two types of electrolysis.

Comparison of the Methods to Produce HHO Gas


Environmental standards are getting stricter each year all around the world. Therefore, the development of new clean energy sources, including fossil fuels, is required. Our company has succeeded in developing a new technology that has never been available so far. It is the highest-quality hybrid HHO gas that can cover all types of energy.

Eneco PLASMA R Hydrogen GAS Feature No. 1

Mechanism of Eneco Gas Combustion
Since hydrogen and oxygen are present at 2:1 to 3:1 ratio, the 2H2O water molecules can be handled safely even when they are split into H2 and O2. When ignited, Eneco Gas burns like pure hydrogen, but it does not burn or heat a human hand that crosses its flame. However, a chemical reaction occurs when it is applied to an iron plate, allowing the metal to be melted and cut in a short time.


Eneco Gas does not explode but implodes. When ignited, it burns quickly and causes the surrounding to become a vacuum. In other words, the volume of air changes to the volume of liquid as water is produced, creating a vacuum. The resulting energy does not flow out unnecessarily.

Presentation Video: Eneco Hybrid HHO Gas Generation and Combustion

Eneco PLASMA R Hydrogen GAS Feature No. 2

When a 100-yen coin made of nickel is heated using a conventional burner that uses acetylene gas, it does not melt although it becomes red immediately. By using a burner that uses Eneco Gas, a hole can be created only in a few seconds. The melting point of tungsten is 3,422 centigrade, and it also turns red and melts in several tens of seconds. The burner's flame temperature is low, but depending on the element that it encounters, a chemical reaction occurs and changes it to a characteristic flame with a freely-rising temperature.


Combustion Experiment of Eneco HHO Gas: Presentation Video

Eneco PLASMA R Hydrogen GAS Feature No. 3

[Hydrogen Concentration Differences of Various HHO Gas Production Methods]

The water re-forming technology (ionization) significantly improves hydrogen power.

Ionizable Re-formed Water that Can Be Achieved: Measurement

Instead of using tap water directly, re-forming, and ionizing the water will increase the hydrogen concentration.

With a 360-time higher hydrogen concentration that tap water, the re-formed and ionized water can increase the amount of hydrogen generation significantly.

Principle of Ionized Water (Re-formed Water)

To produce the ionized (re-formed) water, the water is brought into contact with the metal ore and is re-formed along with the changing of the temperature, pressure, etc.

Comparison with Hydrogen Gas from Other Companies


Hydrogen that is sold in Japan is very expensive. Eneco's Hybrid HHO Gas can be used at about 1/3 of the price of other companies' gases. The reason is the use of water as the raw material.

Comparison of Total Energy Cost


Eneco's hybrid HHO gas can be used as an alternative energy source to replace fossil fuels (heavy oil, kerosene, light oil, BDF, etc.) and conventional gases (natural gas, LP gas, propane gas, shale gas, etc.) Also, we can build a resource-recycling society by using this technology.

・Realization of zero emissions of CO2 and sulfur (SOX)
・Realization of low cost
・Does not require any infrastructure
・Can be generated with a limited amount of water (0.9 L/㎥)

Future Developments of Eneco's Hybrid HHO Gas


Example of Installation in A Typical House


Electricity supply from the power company will not be needed anymore by installing our company's hydrogen fuel generator at home. It is possible to generate enough electricity that a house needs for a month with only a small amount of water (about 8.1 L/month).

Energy Missions Proposed by Eneco


To solve the looming global environmental problems, we hope to fundamentally change the way we think about energy and realize a balance between convenience and environmental protection with " Eneco's Hydrogen Technology." We strive to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society for the sake of the future generation.

The Technology Proposed by Eneco



The Signing of Eneco PLASMA FUSION H EPF-H500 Sales Agreement




After the presentation of the technology, the DNM Public Company (the petroleum company of Lao People's Democratic Republic) and Eneco agreed and signed an agreement on the purchase of Eneco's emulsion fuel purification system (model type: Eneco PLASMA FUSION H EPF-H500). In the transaction, Eneco's general distributor in the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Eneco Energy Singapore Pte. Limited (a subsidiary company that is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange), will mediate the delivery to DNM Public Company.

At present, along with the development of its economy, the Lao People's Democratic Republic faces a severe shortage of fossil fuels and energy. Also, the country imports most of its energy sources from abroad due to its lack of energy resources and is facing a serious problem due to the increasing energy cost. Furthermore, along with its economic development, its CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission, which is one of the leading causes of global warming, has been increasing each year.

As a petroleum company of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the DNM Public Company needs to solve the problems mentioned above and provide a stable supply of fossil fuel and energy. Therefore, to solve these problems, the company decided to purchase "Eneco PLASMA FUSION H EPF-H500", which can completely mix water and fuel and was developed by Eneco.

Click here for details on Eneco PLASMA FUSION H EPF-H500

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